My introduction to music was a ritual of sorts. Initiated by hours spent with my brother listening to his record collection, I became a DJ in college. Soon after, I directed and edited my first music video for The Cave Dogs,  which was shot at the legendary Rat in Boston. I’ve been combining my love of music with film and video ever since.

I formally began my career, honing my storytelling skills as an online editor on PBS’s American Experience and the Award Winning Eyes on the Prize II. The opportunity to work on these highly-acclaimed documentary-style programs developed my appreciation for framing a narrative and engaging the viewer. 

In 1995 I moved to Nashville, TN and my dreams of combining music, storytelling and television were realized when I became an offline editor on the Tribune Music Series “The Road.” I would soon move into the production side, enriching my music television qualifications by working as AP/Editor for “Monday Night Concerts” (TNN) and Producer of “The Marty Stuart Show” (RFD-TV), “CMT Crossroads,” and AT&T’s “Audience Music.” With the exception of Marty’s show, which was performance based, I was responsible for the documentary and post on all of these programs. 

As a Creative Producer, I am a passionate, take-charge person with over 25 years of experience. I interact professionally with Networks and Artist Managers, overseeing every aspect of production and post. My editing background elevates my production skills and allows me to work with the final product in mind from the beginning, resulting in budgetary savings.

My job is to portray artists in the most flattering light possible.  My goal is to spark the curiosity of the viewer by exposing them to sides of an artist they haven’t seen before. I enjoy being part of the team that introduces an audience to someone completely new. Discovery is an adventure…. a ritual of sorts… like sitting with my brother listening to his record collection.