Kathryn Russ grew up in Massachusetts, where she was raised among tidal landscapes, four seasons, and sarcasm.  As kids, she and her two siblings painted and their mother stored their efforts in a suitcase she kept in the attic. Kathryn’s sister learned Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi (and dated a Beach Boy) and her brother exposed her to his vast vinyl record collection. During those listening sessions she acquired an appreciation for liner notes and album cover design.  Therefore, music and art were imprinted on her at an early age. In college she became a DJ and also took up Japanese brush painting, photography, ceramics, video/audio tape collage – but never definitively settled into a style.

In 1987 Kathryn spent a year living on St John, USVI, where she fell in love with the bold colors and untrained works by West Indian artists. 

Kathryn moved to Nashville, TN in 1995 to produce and edit TV music shows such as The Marty Stuart Show and CMT Crossroads. On weekends she developed an appreciation for outsider and folk art while visiting local galleries. In August of 2013 the impulse to express herself on canvas was overwhelming and she became an emerging artist. Since that time she has produced over 100 paintings.  Her mediums are house and acrylic paint. Subjects vary, but her long love of music is prevalent…. dating back to days spent listening to her brothers record collection.